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Hello, my name is Tunisha and I am 26 years old born and raised in Minnesota. T.Kissable was created in 2016 but released in 2018. T.kissable is my other child, I wanted T.Kissable to be about empowerment and inner and outer beauty. As a women I like to encourage and motivate other women. I have a daughter who I want to show that you should never down the next women and to uplift them. Raising a Queen you have to be an example for her and that's what I am trying to be and show her. Everyday I see women down other women, if its body shaming, downing her career or speaking on her beauty and how its not up to societies standards. Every woman is beautiful as well as a Queen. Don't knock off the next Queens crown, help her fix it. 

I hope that through my products as well as my words on T.Kissable's social outlets encourage women to embrace one another as well as uplift one another. 

Thank those who are willing to ride with me through this wonderful journey!

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